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Ludlow Research is a New York based equity research firm that focuses on providing research coverage and investor awareness services to emerging small-cap companies. For over 14 years we have worked to provide our readers with a simple way of evaluating the current and potential value of small-cap companies, while garnering these clients greater market awareness to new investors. For more information on us please visit

Our Commitment
Our analysts are focused on providing objective research opinions, and sector valuation reports, for both our clients and individual readers. We take in such variables as valuation of competitors within a sector, execution from start-up to operations, management experience and ability, risk to company markets, and references to company SEC filings.

For over 14 years Ludlow Research has built an extensive database of thousands investors ranging from individual traders, to institutional and high-net worth accredited investors. Along with our extensive investors newsletter, we also release our research opinions out through of host of national news wires, and social networking databases for maximum distribution.


ILudlow Research helps provide investor awareness to a company's story, and market potential through our small cap equity research reports..Let us assist you in building more retail exposure for your news.